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Girls Gone Boss brings you amazing conversations with real women, overcoming real obstacles yet defying them with style & grace. We want to empower and motivate the next generation of women to always dream big.
We realize the importance of elevating women everywhere and know that together we are capable of much more. Our hope is to spark the flame within you and empower you to pursue all of the desires of your heart. What are you waiting for? Go Listen!

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    Janet Jones Veloso: Founder of Vixen Workout

    How would you like to turn your passion into a thriving career? Janet Jones Veloso is a Miami native who began dancing since the tender age of three and later attended Florida State University as a dance major. She has always felt music very deeply and choreography has come easy to her. Her dancing chops landed her a prominent spot as a Miami Heat dancer and garnered the attention of well-respected choreographers in the business who gave her invaluable hands on experience. This lead her to open her own talent agency where she represented dancers, choreographers, and creative directors and worked alongside music labels and artist managers in Miami. In 2008 as the dreaded recession hit and job security declined Janet found herself with pressure from family and friends to leave the entertainment business and resort to getting a corporate job as a finance coordinator.

    For the next 3 years Janet’s life changed completely as she conformed to a life that she thought would fulfill her. She left her dancing days behind and concentrated on starting a family and being a mom. As time went by she felt as though she had lost herself and fell into a deep depression hitting rock bottom. She built the courage to pick herself back up and start over by using what she knew and loved most, dance. At first she didn’t have a plan or an idea of what she would do next but she knew she had to leave this part of her life behind in order to save herself.

    This experience made her realize that there needed to be a space for women who are in need to disconnect mentally from their responsibilities, express their emotions in a healthy way, and have a sense of community while improving their self-image and bodies. The Vixen Workout was born from this premise and has taken the workout world by storm by providing a one-of-a-kind experience. The dance format uses commercial choreography; killer music remixes, and stage lighting so you can experience yourself as a performer. (Basically you get to pretend you're opening for the VMA’s).

    Since its inception, the Vixen Workout has had over 100,000 participants aka the Vixen Army, over 250 certified instructors in 7 countries, and has been featured in the New York Times, ABC’s Nightline, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Shape, Self, USA Today, People Style Watch, and Huffington Post to name a few.

    Through her workout Janet hopes to have women come alive by fueling their mind, body, and soul with confidence. Music is truly the best medicine! It’s amazing how what began with just two attendees in her very first class is now a full on successful Vixen Army of thousands globally! Her workouts aim to make everyone feel powerful, able, and most importantly seen.

    Catch up with Janet @janet_jones on Instagram and find out more about attending a class in your city @vixenworkout or at

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    Angelina Rosario: She Fixes Crowns

    We are so grateful to be kicking off Season 2 of Girls Gone Boss with Angelina Rosario. Angelina was born and raised in Miami and is currently General Sales Manager for Hits 97.3 and Easy 93.1 at Cox Media Group in Miami. She is also a coach, author, speaker, and overcomer. She is influencing women by teaching them that trials and setbacks are their secret weapon towards achieving success and becoming their best version.

    Angelina worked hard to change the trajectory of her life. She was raised in the projects with a single mom and two sisters and has faced many obstacles including a tumor in her face the size of a baseball and three major surgeries in the past three years. She started living on her own since the tender age of 14 but always imagined major things in life so she persevered.

    In 2017, while in ICU and while being hooked to a feeding tube, she made a promise to God that if he would get her through this, she will devote her life to helping women live their best life. Because of her faith, obedience, hard work, and dedication, she was able to turn her storms into blessings. She achieved her success by walking the walk. Instead of focusing on fear, pain, and the difficult days, she decided to endure and focus on the promise.

    In this episode, Angelina shares about a platform she is developing to help teach women how to go from mediocre to excellent in every area of their life. Her vision is to empower women on how to leave a legacy for generations to come. She teaches women via her experiences that have propelled her to be the woman she is today. She also gives us insight on her book “Thank You for Walking Away” where she shares about loss in relationships and encourages women going through break ups on how to move forward. Angelina’s life is a true testament of faith, hard work, and courage. We urge you to stay connected to her @shefixescrowns on Instagram and hope you enjoy the episode!



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    Heather Monahan: Confidence Creator

    Heather Monahan began her impressive career in sales at top senior roles in major corporations. She pitched herself to a newly created SVP position and ultimately landed the chief revenue officer title.

    During this time Heather launched her personal brand to empower women and give them inside tips and advice she has longed for as a young professional.

    In 2015 she became the Glass Ceiling Award recipient and named one of the most influential women in radio in 2017 before her very sudden and unexpected termination.

    As a result she took a leap of faith and pursued her passion of elevating others and made her company Boss in Heels her full time job.

    She has been featured on the Elvis Duran morning show, wrote and self published her first book “Confidence Creator” which became #1 best seller in the first week.

    In this episode Heather shares valuable insight on the art of creating a more confident you. The key ingredients include: staying true to who you really are, practicing your super powers, and most importantly gratitude. Once you shift perspective and focus on being the best version of yourself you can set yourself up for success. She also discusses ways to deal with the “villains” in your life and ways you can create boundaries that will teach others how to treat you! Building confidence is also about adding value to others. How are you creating a life that empowers and nourishes the people around you? Listen to the full episode to get inspired!!!

    You can stay connected to Heather @heathermonahan and to buy her book “Confidence Creator” on Amazon.

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    Alexa Carlin: Founder & CEO of The Women Empower Expo

    Alexa Carlin is a nationally renowned public speaker, Founder & CEO of (WEX), an acronym for Women Empower Expo, and Creator of the speaker training program, She launched the (WEX) in 2016 and grew it to become the largest premiere event for female leaders, entrepreneurs and executives.

    Alexa has been featured on FOX, ABC, CBS, Cheddar TV and The Oprah Winfrey Network.

    Her drive to make a difference was inspired after a near-death experience that happened during her senior year at the University of Florida in 2013 leaving her with a 1% chance of living. This experience inspired Alexa to share her story.

    Today, Alexa travels the world as a sought-after public speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship, authentic leadership, women's empowerment and overcoming obstacles.

    In this episode Alexa shares with us her inspiring story of having to start all over again after a grueling recovery and how she has turned her passion into a thriving career. Alexa talks to GGB about the importance of being an authentic leader and redefining ways to truly connect by simply being you. She emphasizes how vital it is to bring women from all over the world to connect at WEX and the strength in building community with one another. Alexa makes this event affordable and accessible to everyone and provides the chance for attendees to hear from over 60 speakers from all walks of life. You can learn more by visiting @womenexpowerx and follow Alexa @alexarosecarlin on Instagram.

    We hope you enjoy this candid conversation just as much as we did!


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    Jamie Levenshon-Najman: 100+ Women Who Care

    Having assisted with the decision making process for property insurance programs, Jamie Levenshon-Najman gravitated to the complexity of the insurance industry and in 2012 obtained her insurance license. Having joined Hays 1st quarter of 2013 Jamie‘s main focus is assisting owner/developers organize competitive insurance programs with an emphasis on education and risk management solutions. Jamie’s clients consist of large scale/ multi property portfolios consisting of Retail, Commercial and Residential properties; Jamie draws from an extensive network of prominent South Florida developers and not only assists with their insurance needs, but is consistently networking and making strategic introductions

    However, Jamie’s biggest accomplishment besides raising her 7-year old daughter is being the Director and Founder of 100+ Women Who Care.

    The non-profit serves as a head hunter for local organizations that don’t have marketing dollars and need funding. The five local chapters in South Florida are already at almost 1 million dollars in giving. The women in the organization meet four times a year, each paying $100 dollars each quarter. In these meetings members can pitch different charities for the chance to win the grant. The pitches are 5 minutes long and three are selected on a majority vote. Jamie has been an integral part of the inception and growth of the Miami chapter and shares her intimate experience about working with some of charities and how amazing it is to see where every dollar is spent. She also shares more on how we all can get involved and incorporate philanthropy into our lives. It is an episode all about the power of giving and how every little bit helps! The power of the collective can go a long way.

    To learn more about how to get involved you can contact Jamie at and follow @100womenwhocaremiami

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    Angie Garcia: Shoe Designer

    Angie Garcia is a Miami native with an exceptional eye for design. Her journey began as her neighbor and mentor took her under his wing and offered her an internship while she was in high school. As a local manufacturer, he became key in molding her career path and in teaching her valuable insights about the industry. In her early 20s Angie started her own fashion line and even worked her way up to becoming a stylist for music videos and films. Today, she is the private label head designer at MIA shoes and travels 4-5 times a year to China to oversee shoe design & production.

    In this episode Angie shares with us details about her day to day as a shoe designer. She discusses some of the obstacles she has faced in this male dominated industry and the valuable lessons she has learned along the way. She is 1 out of 2 women designers in the entire company and has built her career from the bottom up. She proves that with hard work and determination any dream is possible.

    To keep in touch with Angie contact her @angie

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    Podcasting 101 with Gaby and Alex

    Do you want to start a podcast and don’t know where to begin? This is the episode for you!!!

    Team GGB sits down to answer all of your questions regarding content creation and more specifically everything about podcasting! From what equipment to purchase, to how to upload and distribute your content as well as the importance of having great audio. Ricky, audio engineer extraordinaire, shares all of his insight on mixing and delivering the proper audio for the best listening experience.

    We also share a great alternative for those seeking to start a podcast but who are not necessarily looking to make a full on commitment. Our partnership with AWOM LAB offers all South Florida residents the opportunity to rent out our podcast studio for a very affordable rate. All you have to do is book your time at the lab and we show you the ropes on how to record it!

    For more information on the podcast studio make sure to email us at

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    Bethany Martinez: Investing and Real Estate

    Bethany Martinez has an extensive background in developing long-term relationships within South Florida’s community of young, up-and-coming professionals. She began her career climbing the ranks of the hospitality industry and has now merge those skills with her love for Miami Real Estate.

    Over the course of a decade, Bethany watched the entire Miami market grow in all industries, including hospitality and real estate. Inspired by the energy and development coming to the area, she obtained her Real Estate License and began leveraging her relationships, turning them into a transactions.

    Dynamic, Servant Leader with a target focus on fulfilling expectations, today, Bethany has successfully bridged the gap between real estate and hospitality – delivering a comprehensive South Florida experience to all the clients she serves.

    In this episode Bethany discusses how she first began her career in the Real Estate business and what propelled her to pursue it full time. She discusses important topics like pre-qualifying for a loan, steps to take when purchasing your first home, sustaining a healthy credit score and more! Bethany is an amazing professional who believes in empowering and building the girl gang. She currently resides in Miami and can be contacted via her Instagram @bethanymiami.

    We hope you enjoy and learn a lot from her story!



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    Introducing: Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff

    Rebecca Minkoff is a fashion powerhouse, and each week she sits down with the women who shape our culture, change the world, and lift each other up along the way. First up? Michelle Lee from Allure, who is challenging the status quo and changing the conversation around inclusion in beauty and fashion.

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    Bibiana Julian: Reality TV, Love and Keeping it Real Part II

    Bibiana Julian is a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader who was first introduced to America when she competed for the heart of Ari Luyendyk Jr. on ABC’s Season 22 of “The Bachelor”. Bibi won America’s heart with her honest, funny, no F’s-given personality.

    Soon after she left the show she was invited to join the “The Bachelor Winter Games” for another chance at love. Most recently she completed her summer stint in Season 5 of “Bachelor In Paradise”. Although Bibi may have not found love, these experiences have fueled a fire inside of her and have given her a positive outlook on her future.

    In this Part 2 episode Bibi speaks about being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 19 years old and her struggles with it. The auto immune disease has limited the types of food she eats and has impacted her mental and physical health. She divulges about the disease also affecting her breast implants and the way her body has responded negatively to it. Her awesome personality in this candid conversation has confirmed why ABC producers and America have fallen in love with her. She is a hopeless romantic still very much ready to love. She’s a believer that as long as you keep it real with yourself everything will fall into place and will happen at the right time. Here at GGB we are totally rooting for Bibi as the next Bachelorette!!! Take a listen and judge for yourself!

    Keep up with Bibi @bibi_julz on all social platforms! :)



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